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The Stanadyne Company with more than 140 years of experience brings an innovation and troubleshooting to engine injection systems. History of the company can be tracked to the year 1876, when The Hartford Machine Screw Company presented it revolutionary invention automatic screw production line.

In 1900 the company changed its name to Standard Screw Company and became main supplier of valuable metal components and later on signed contract with US government on production aviation parts and other materials for war industry.

After WWII, new era of innovation begun. One of those innovations was a concept of smaller, lighter and technically more advanced fuel pump, so called Rotary pump. After further development of rotary pumps its use widened, allowing engine manufacturers to develop and produce new more efficient engines. The company adapted to growing usage of diesel engines and started innovation of new fuel pumps and fuel systems, more powerful and efficient. Other innovation of this period include the DP Rotary Pump (1952) and Pencil Injector (1963).

In 1970, Standart Screw Company became Stanadyne bringing new wave of technology including fuel filters and additives to the market. At that time, Stanadyne's fuel pump design had the best fuel-consumption in the market, and the company has seen a sharp rise during the oil crisis in 1973.


In the years that followed, the company expanded its portfolio to include electronic control units for diesel rotary pumps, common rail diesel pumps, and direct fuel injection pumps. At the beginning of the millennium, the company launched the first 200-bar direct fuel injection pump. With the rapid expansion of the automotive industry, the company found itself at a crossroads. In 2014, Stanadyne sold a filter and additive manufacturing section and concentrated her efforts on developing fuel pumps and injectors.


With the further development of fuel systems, the company continues its innovative and development of new technologies to improve fuel-efficiency, engine performance and lower emissions.

T.A.D. Prague offers Stanadyne products marked by five-digit number ending with the letter "A" or "P". The only difference is that the products ending with the letter "A" mean Stanadyne Italy, which is mainly focused on nozzle or nozzle nuts. Stanadyne USA ("P") then supplies the remaining components (pencil injectors, heads and others).

Specialists in high pressure fuel injection components, original parts and Italian spare parts & test benches for injection systems of petrol and diesel engines