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Fratelli Bosio was established in 1929 Torino, Italy by Pietro Augusto Bosio, the first manufacturer of nozzles and spare parts of diesel engine pumps in Italy. The company has experienced rapid grow and in a matter of few years it became significant employer in the region.


Nowadays the company is still owned by its founders and is still producing nozzles for injection systems. Products of Fratelli Bosio are used not just in personal vehicles, but also in buses, agricultural and industrial machinery, ship engines and modern high speed boats.

Fratelli Bosio is proud of the consistent high quality of its products, used in the world of Diesel engines. This is guaranteed by investments in a technological research, in recent years mostly connected to reduction of noise pollution and carbon-dioxide emissions.

Speciality of the company is production of Powerplus and Raceplus nozzles, used in specific car types, with improved properties:

  • Higher power and engine flexibility, lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust gases

  • Higher thermal and  physical resistance with superior endurance

  • Minimal fuel drainage around the nozzle needle and better atomization of injected fuel


Specialists in high pressure fuel injection components, original parts and Italian spare parts & test benches for injection systems of petrol and diesel engines