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20 years of experience
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DENSO, Stanadyne, Delphi, VDO (Continental), LUCAS, Fratelli Bosio, Redat, Firad, SpacoR, Rabotti, Iperdiesel, Seven diesel, Italské náhradní díly

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@2019, T.A.D. Praha, s.r.o. 

Conference and celebration of 20 years of T.A.D. Praha, s.r.o. 

A conference about an important information and news in the industry with participation of our honoured quests and coleagues from Czech Republic and abroad, took place in Kácov on 19th November 2019. Our team would like to thank all of our associates and partners for their attendance, long lasting support and most importantly for their time spent in our company.  We hope you´ve enjoyed this event and we are looking forwards to another twenty years of cooperation.😊

Whole article in Czech language can be found on a website or be traced by link bellow. We would also like to give appreciations for their participation and documentation of whole event.,konference-t-a-d-praha-se-nesla-v-uvolnenem-a-pratelskem-duchu

Specialists in high pressure fuel injection components, original parts and Italian spare parts & test benches for injection systems of petrol and diesel engines