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20 years of experience
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DENSO, Stanadyne, Delphi, VDO (Continental), LUCAS, Fratelli Bosio, Redat, Firad, SpacoR, Rabotti, Iperdiesel, Seven diesel, Italské náhradní díly

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@2019, T.A.D. Praha, s.r.o. 

SRN is a brand-new company that anyway can boast of a know-how of excellence in automotive field.

Its founder, Ferruccio Sirini, has gained more than 20 years of experience in his family company. He was the main reference of all the design and technical issues and he was the one in charge of the innovation department. His passion for the innovation allowed him to gain a primary role in injection industry.

His SRN, actually in a start-up phase, is the exclusive distributor in Italy for Carbon Zapp products and services. Carbon Zapp is a worldwide leader of innovative solutions for testing, checking and repairing of fuel injection and diesel common rail systems.


For years Carbon Zapp has been and is in auge for inventing alternative and innovative revolutionary systems that differ from competitors for its high quality and its reliability, moreover at prices without comparison.

In addition to the distribution through SRN, Ferruccio works actively with Carbon Zapp on the consulting, design and realization of new products so that this partership can go on and grow more and more. 

Training Courses

SRN s.r.l. offers training and demonstration courses for the entire range of Carbon Zapp systems.

They are experienced in assisting both remotely and SRN-MI show rooms on Carbon Zapp machinery. They are also able to advise you on the machine that suits your needs by offering post-sales assistance.

You can buy a fast package and training on common rail and Cam-Box DGIC simulators and other brands; Dedicated B-to-B or group training courses (up to 3 people) on common rail diesel injection systems and pump injectors, both for experienced users and for those who want to take the first steps in the industry!

Specialists in high pressure fuel injection components, original parts and Italian spare parts & test benches for injection systems of petrol and diesel engines