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DENSO, Stanadyne, Delphi, VDO (Continental), LUCAS, Fratelli Bosio, Redat, Firad, SpacoR, Rabotti, Iperdiesel, Seven diesel, Italské náhradní díly

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@2019, T.A.D. Praha, s.r.o. 

The company DISA was founded in Milan by Guido Buscaroli and his closest colleagues in 1941. Allied bombardment of Milan during WWII, lead the company to move its plant from Milan to small town of Magenta.


In Post-war period company´s continues its primary production of O.E.M. diesel injection systems, in spite of growing competition in newly integrated E.E.C. countries. In this era DISA decided to diversity its replacement part production specifically suitable for U.S. made fuel systems (Detroit Diesel, E.M.D, Caterpillar and Cummins). Furthermore company decided to fill the gaps in the market left over by global manufacturers and entered the field of hydraulic transmissions and distributors for special applications.


Nowadays company employs more than 150 employees and boast of most up-to-date machinery for manufacturing and quality control as well as inspection tools in its production plant with area covering more than 15.000 meters square.

Thanks to its research and development programs DISA can perform studies, tests and manufacture a broad variety of products tailored for specific customer’s needs.  

Specialists in high pressure fuel injection components, original parts and Italian spare parts & test benches for injection systems of petrol and diesel engines